Tax Deductible Expenses
Getting a Deposit for Services
Collecting on Outstanding Accounts
How Do You Value Your Time
Pricing Your Service
How To Justify Your Pricing
Increasing Prices for Personal Chef services
Benefits to Selling Gift Cards
Types of Gift Cards
Using a Gift Card Program for Marketing
Reasons to Offer Personal Chef Gift Cards
Getting Money To Grow Your Personal Chef Business
Referral Fees and Taxes 
To Barter or Not To Barter
Personal Chef International Code of Ethics
An Introduction to the Business Plan
Business Plan Introductory Sections
Business Plan Section on Start Up Costs
Business Plan Section on Earnings
Personal Questionnaire
Factors Affecting The Personal Chef Industry
Business Plan section on Goals
Crafting a strong business plan
Business Plan Section on Marketing
What not to do when creating a Business Plan
Action Plan Section of the Business Plan
Financial Statements Section of the Business Plan
The Addendum to the Business Plan
The Operations Section of the Business Plan
The Executive Summary for the Business Plan
The Business Profile for the Business Plan
Common Startup Mistakes
Finding Your Ideal Client
Career Choices
Personal Chef Equipment 
Personal Chef Equipment List
Personal Chef Office Equipment List
Protecting Yourself Against Identity Theft
Setting Up Your Home Office
Travelling with Computers
Personal Chef Safety
How to Work Effectively From Home
Types of Personal Chef Services Offered
The Personal Chef Client Interview
The Importance of Contracts


Personal Barriers To Success
Secrets for Making Your Personal Chef Business a Success
Building Your Email List
Avoiding Angry Emails
Fighting the Effects of Bad Online Reviews
Making Cold Calls
Customer Service Mistakes
Giving Clients Gifts
Convert Potential Clients from No into Yes
Keeping a New Client Happy
Client Retention Ideas
How to Run and Market a Personal Chef Business At The Same Time
Give Your Marketing Plan a Workout
Free Publicity Adds To Your Bottom Line
Benefits to Writing Articles
Become a Trusted Source for Reporters
Marketing with an Elevator Pitch
Meeting People and Making Clients
How To Maximise Slow Times
More Ideas for Slow Times
Sending Bulk Email
Building Your Brand
How to Win The Hearts of Comparison Shoppers
Blogging With Success
Marketing at Events and Tradeshows
Sample PC Service Contract
Sample PC Client Interview Form
Freezing Food Successfully
What Not To Freeze
The Importance of Reviewing Food Safety Protocols
Thawing Frozen Meals
Cooking for a Diabetic Client
Sample Menus
Sample Heating Instructions for Freezer Friendly Meals
Freezer Friendly Recipes
Barbecue Recipes for Personal Chefs
Picnic Recipes
Overview of Events
Common Food Allergens
Endangered and sustainable fish guide
Cheese and Wine Pairing Guide
Summer Service Ideas For Personal Chefs

Businesses Charging Interest on Overdue Accounts

Dealing with CRA Tax Audits

and many more!