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Use the right fuel: lump wood charcoal will give the best flavour.

Buy the right BBQ: get one with a lid to lock in flavour and keep the temperature constant.

Get the right wood flavour: for example, hickory and oak for fish and pork; cherry and applewood for meat. Soak about half of the wood chips in water before using.

Oil your grill: an easy way to do this is to cut an onion in half and dip the cut side in oil - then rub this oily side over the grill.

Control the heat: a quick guide to how hot your grill is is to hold your hand about 5" (12 cm) above the grill, and see how long you can hold it there comfortably - 6 seconds is low heat; 4 seconds is medium heat; 2 seconds is hot.  If the temperature is too cool, push the coals closer together; if it is too hot, spread them out more.

Section the grill: push the coals to one side for your hot section; the side without the coals will be cooler for slower cooking.

Grill veggies first, then add oil and seasoning.

Have patience: wait until the coals are white hot to get the hottest, most even heat.

Use leftover marinade for basting your meat wile cooking, but not for finishing, as it lead to cross-contamination.

Don't add baroque sauce too early, as the sugars may char, altering the flavour.

Using a rub for your fish or meat? Massage it into your meat about 30 minutes before grilling.

Salt your meat about 30 minutes before grilling to allow time to tenderize (not flavour) your meat.

This is intended as a reference guide only.

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