Becoming a Personal Chef or a Private Chef is a flexible, rewarding and exciting career. Imagine being able to set your own hours to suit your lifestyle, help clients become healthy, create mouthwatering menus and make a good living at the same time!

If you are already a chef, caterer or personal chef, our comprehensive home study program is what you now need to become our next success story.  Even if you are already a Chef, you may need to learn new techniques or improve your knowledge in business or marketing.   You may be a nutritionist, registered dietitian, weight loss counsellor, personal fitness trainer, life coach, directors of schools nutrition programs, a nurse, a care-giver or you may simply be an individual who is interested in a healthy lifestyle - either way, we have a module that will be of interest to you.  


Since 2001, The Chef Alliance has been a respected name in the Canadian Foodservice Industry.  Having developed a recognized post-secondary Diploma course and mentored thousands of Personal Chefs and Private Chefs for over 20 years, we built up a wealth of knowledge, how-tos and solutions to common problems. 

Personal Chef Trainer was developed to give everyone the skills and knowledge that are essential to start a Personal Chef or Private Chef service, to grow their clientele base and to run successful businesses.  This knowledge is not just to Canadian businesses, but can be applied to businesses around the world.

For over 20 years we have grown and expanded our knowledge base to meet the needs of not only Personal Chefs and Private Chefs, but we now also cater to a wider sector of the foodservice industry, including caterers, artisan food producers and bakers, culinary instructors, nutritionists and food stylists.​​